Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Hot Tea & Ellen Degeneres.

Good Afternoon.

What are you up to on this snowy wednesday?

I am here, sipping hot tea, watching the Ellen Degeneres Show, and of course, blogging my heart away.

Does that not sound wonderful? Well it does to me. Inside, hidden away from the frigid temperatures and frosty snow; wearing my extremely comfy and warm sweats (they say Logann on the leg , feel free too simultaneously all say "awww" ..or "yuck" whichever one suits your fancy).

Tomorrow promises to be a snow day. Which also brings the promise of days being added onto the end of the school year. I can't decide if this is a happy or depressing fact, but I am leaning towards depressing.
I am aware this post is rather pointless, but hey, its MY blog, so I can do/say whatever I please :) so there.

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