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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



okay so first i wanna say,,, if you havent seen this movie yet. STOP reading this and get your butt to a movie theatre!

I saw this movie last night at the drive in with my cousins. It was pretty much the best summer night ever! I love going to the drive in, i love my cousins, and i love that movie!!!

okay so first things first...i think you should know that i am a HUGE! buzz lightyear fan! always have been always will. The whole way there i kept telling my cousins that one day i WILL marry buzz.. Knowing this i am sure you arent surprised to hear that my hands down absolute favorite part about the movie was that JESSIE GOT BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even describe how flipping excited i was about that! hahah my favorite line was "i know about buzzes spanish mode now" haha

This was the best of the three... no doubt about it! i am not ashamed to say that yes i did cry at the end.. i will resist the temptation to talk about the ending just in case anyone reads this who hasnt seen it, even though i clearly stated that if you hadnt you should STOP READING THIS!!!!! rude... lol

So ya this movie gets a big thumbs UP from me. Great Job Pixar, you've done it again!

Gods Beautiful Creation

Have you ever watched the sun rise? that is the MOST beautiful part of Gods creation in my opinion. Watching his earth open its eyes, stretch, and "get out of bed"! listening to the birds early morning songs as the sun creeps out from behind the horizon! Watching in awe as the planet comes alive. The trees blowing in a gentle breeze. Everything just looks so peaceful in the early mornings soft glow. Especially if you catch it right in the beginning stages of morning! Those moments of pure beauty and stillness are what my soul thrives for! Without the gentle reminder of Gods glory, i wouldn't be able to make it through the day. Actually, not to get all high school girl on you but that is a dream date of mine. (like when im a newly wed or something..haha not now. i'm 16!!) To take a moonlit walk, stop under a tree and lay a blanket out and just lay there in his arms until the sun came up. I think it would be magical to lay there in the soft morning breeze, listening to those birds and seeing that morning glow. Peace and Love overflowing you. Drowning all other emotions. Those are the moments i dream about. So simple, yet so perfect. why so perfect? because it doesn't require anything man made... (aside from the blanket which is totally optional) It is all Gods creation and its free for anyone who wants it!!! What a wonderful thing to be given! Thank you God for your magnificent world and your son who died to save it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

tony :)

yes it has finally happened... tony is all mine... who is tony you ask???? only the best thing to happen to me in awhile.... tony is my wonderful beautiful new (to me) car! he was my daddies but as of last saturday... he is all mine :) see i need a car because i am going to a new school next year and the hours (is that whatd you call them??) are different... i would not have a ride unless i took the bus...gross...the original plan was just to buy me a used car. i am not really sure when...but somewhere along the lines this plan got changed to my mom getting a new car and me getting her VAN... i was not happy needless to say...well after arguing over this plan a good daddy (bless him) finally came up with a solution...i would take his nissan murano. my mom would get her new car. and he (being the awesome person he is) would take the van.... i love my daddy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anything Goes......WRONG!

So its me, Jessie, just say hello....HA jk i have lots more to say than just "hello" is fathers day so to celebrate me, my parents, and my grandma all went to a show called "anything goes" I was actually kinda excited to see it...cause well hello shows are my life, my oxygen, i need them to live!!! Well this was more like carbon dioxide...can you say BORING???!!! really. i mean i think the show could have been great, you know if the casting director had a brain... o my gosh. it was a musical, so there was a lot of singing and not one guy could actually sing. it was bad. and the girls werent much better... also there was dancing.. goodness. there was this one girl that moved like a barbie...and even had the facial expressions of a barbie. which is okay.... if your playing barbie...this character was not supposed to be barbie.... gosh i said barbie a lot just then. im done with that now. The sets were very plain and well kind of annoying... and fake. and COSTUMES! good gravy ive never seen so many costumes come undone in one production in my life!!!! so ya... this show gets a big thumbs DOWN!! i mean if it was a highschool production it would have been...acceptable...but this was supposed to be professional stuff man. i cannot believe i paid to see this! goodness..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

...and i'm not even blonde!!!

So the other day. me and my mom decided we wanted to watch a movie so we went on redbox picked it out rented it and went to hyvee to get it. i go up to the box and i'm waiting and waiting and waiting and once i finally get my movie i head back out to the car. I get there and stop right by the passenger door and wait, thinking my mom must have gone inside to get something. I stand there for a good 10 minutes thinking "where is my mother?!?!" then i suddenly realize "o wait...moms at home...i drove...o ya"

i dont know why i say goodbye i say HELLO

(what song? c'mon its supa easy!)

Hey guys.. k so basically i am just your average 16 year old girl. (haha did i just say average???) anyways so i am blogging cause well i feel like it. i am a major GLEEK so get ready for some glee talk.. also ummm well i may be somewhat of a theatre addict so be prepared for some of that. i love love love performing and watching others perform as well. ESPECIALLY musicals. there is something about the Overture ( the music at the beginning that lets the audience know its about to start) that gives me chills! ah.. even just thinking about it makes me happy!

so ya. get ready for that ^ just more in depth haha.