Monday, January 24, 2011

don't hold your breath.

I have promised to blog about certain things at a later date.

This is me saying "don't count on it"

I have a bad problem with following up on that kind of thing.

Like how I said this blog would speak of Glee.
I really did think it would.
But, as you can see. Not one Glee post.

Also, I need a place to scream. So if you don't mind editing the next sentence to "I do not like" instead of "hate" That will probably convey my true feelings better. But screaming "I do not like" is not nearly as satisfying.




  1. Wait- what? I thought you liked your English teacher. this about Into the Wild?

  2. no, its about having a freaking D in that class. we have been there all of 8 days and I am almost failing. BECAUSE. she said "dont worry about" this worksheet. Which I took to mean We werent gonna turn it in for a grade. so I trashed it. Then she decided to collect it. A lot of us don't have it anymore... so I got a zero on it.