Sunday, January 9, 2011

dreaming for the possible

There is one question you get asked a lot in your high-school life, and probably even after. "What one thing are you most passionate about?" The reason I say you get asked this a lot in high-school, is because this is the time you are figuring yourself out. You are making decisions that affect who you are going to be, what you are going to do, and who you are going to do it with.

For me, this question is extremely easy to answer. DANCE. Which scares me. I am not the girl who has been in ballet since I could walk. I didn't take my first dance class until I was 10, and I only took until I was 12.

Middle-school was starting. I wanted to be more involved with school.

Then I started CYT. I took a few dance classes there ranging from tap to Bollywood style dancing.

Over the past summer I took a jazz/lyrical combo class from a small studio in an old, falling apart building with no air-conditioning. Now I am currently taking jazz and ballet at a local studio in a newer, very nice place, with four large studios, and, thank god, air-conditioning.

So as you can see, my dance background is limited.

With that said, you might be thinking, this girl should just find something else to be passionate about. A new dream. She will never succeed in fulfilling this goal. And maybe you are right, but if I don't try I will forever look back to these moments and think "Why didn't I at least try?"

So many people just give up there dreams the second it gets even the least bit difficult. But the truth is, *NOTHING* is going to be handed to you. You will never wake up and suddenly be good at something. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

And so maybe I didn't get the head start others were lucky enough to have, but that doesn't mean I can't still become great! It just means I am going to have to work that much harder, practice that much longer, and want it that much stronger.

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Philipians 4:13

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