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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



okay so first i wanna say,,, if you havent seen this movie yet. STOP reading this and get your butt to a movie theatre!

I saw this movie last night at the drive in with my cousins. It was pretty much the best summer night ever! I love going to the drive in, i love my cousins, and i love that movie!!!

okay so first things first...i think you should know that i am a HUGE! buzz lightyear fan! always have been always will. The whole way there i kept telling my cousins that one day i WILL marry buzz.. Knowing this i am sure you arent surprised to hear that my hands down absolute favorite part about the movie was that JESSIE GOT BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even describe how flipping excited i was about that! hahah my favorite line was "i know about buzzes spanish mode now" haha

This was the best of the three... no doubt about it! i am not ashamed to say that yes i did cry at the end.. i will resist the temptation to talk about the ending just in case anyone reads this who hasnt seen it, even though i clearly stated that if you hadnt you should STOP READING THIS!!!!! rude... lol

So ya this movie gets a big thumbs UP from me. Great Job Pixar, you've done it again!

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