Monday, June 21, 2010

tony :)

yes it has finally happened... tony is all mine... who is tony you ask???? only the best thing to happen to me in awhile.... tony is my wonderful beautiful new (to me) car! he was my daddies but as of last saturday... he is all mine :) see i need a car because i am going to a new school next year and the hours (is that whatd you call them??) are different... i would not have a ride unless i took the bus...gross...the original plan was just to buy me a used car. i am not really sure when...but somewhere along the lines this plan got changed to my mom getting a new car and me getting her VAN... i was not happy needless to say...well after arguing over this plan a good daddy (bless him) finally came up with a solution...i would take his nissan murano. my mom would get her new car. and he (being the awesome person he is) would take the van.... i love my daddy!

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