Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anything Goes......WRONG!

So its me, Jessie, just say hello....HA jk i have lots more to say than just "hello" is fathers day so to celebrate me, my parents, and my grandma all went to a show called "anything goes" I was actually kinda excited to see it...cause well hello shows are my life, my oxygen, i need them to live!!! Well this was more like carbon dioxide...can you say BORING???!!! really. i mean i think the show could have been great, you know if the casting director had a brain... o my gosh. it was a musical, so there was a lot of singing and not one guy could actually sing. it was bad. and the girls werent much better... also there was dancing.. goodness. there was this one girl that moved like a barbie...and even had the facial expressions of a barbie. which is okay.... if your playing barbie...this character was not supposed to be barbie.... gosh i said barbie a lot just then. im done with that now. The sets were very plain and well kind of annoying... and fake. and COSTUMES! good gravy ive never seen so many costumes come undone in one production in my life!!!! so ya... this show gets a big thumbs DOWN!! i mean if it was a highschool production it would have been...acceptable...but this was supposed to be professional stuff man. i cannot believe i paid to see this! goodness..

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