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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gods Beautiful Creation

Have you ever watched the sun rise? that is the MOST beautiful part of Gods creation in my opinion. Watching his earth open its eyes, stretch, and "get out of bed"! listening to the birds early morning songs as the sun creeps out from behind the horizon! Watching in awe as the planet comes alive. The trees blowing in a gentle breeze. Everything just looks so peaceful in the early mornings soft glow. Especially if you catch it right in the beginning stages of morning! Those moments of pure beauty and stillness are what my soul thrives for! Without the gentle reminder of Gods glory, i wouldn't be able to make it through the day. Actually, not to get all high school girl on you but that is a dream date of mine. (like when im a newly wed or something..haha not now. i'm 16!!) To take a moonlit walk, stop under a tree and lay a blanket out and just lay there in his arms until the sun came up. I think it would be magical to lay there in the soft morning breeze, listening to those birds and seeing that morning glow. Peace and Love overflowing you. Drowning all other emotions. Those are the moments i dream about. So simple, yet so perfect. why so perfect? because it doesn't require anything man made... (aside from the blanket which is totally optional) It is all Gods creation and its free for anyone who wants it!!! What a wonderful thing to be given! Thank you God for your magnificent world and your son who died to save it.

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