Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today I was thinking about friendships. How a lot of the friendships I've had in my lifetime have fallen apart. I wondered if I was doing it wrong or maybe just expecting to much. I decided to look up the official Webster definition. When that definition didn't satisfy me, I decided to see what Urban Dictionary thought. While both said things along the lines of "there when you need them" "a person you can trust" "someone you do all your crazy shit with" Not one definition I looked at said anything about being there FOREVER. Loving you NO MATTER WHAT.

Why is that? Is the human race so incredibly selfish that we can't 100% truly love someone unconditionally. Where no matter what happens, you are still friends. No matter how much someone messes up, forgiveness is always there.

I lost a really good friend last fall. I'm not even for sure what happened. All I know is I used to tell this person EVERYTHING, now we don't even say hi when we pass each other in the hallway. I used to call this person in the middle of the night whenever I needed someone to talk to. Everything that Webster and Urban Dictionary defined friend as, we were. I miss that friendship so much.

If that person ever reads this. I am so extremely sorry. I know I hurt you to. I understand that we will probably never be best friends again. I understand that we've lost that. I am so sorry. I wish more than anything that I could change this fact, but right now, with the current situation, that will probably not happen. I know you will do big things with your life. You will succeed in anything you set out to do. You are so talented and so driven to succeed and it inspires me so much. I love you and care about you.


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