Sunday, March 27, 2011

let go. and let God.

Last Friday.

  • wake up
  • go to school
  • districts for choir
  • dinner with amazing people
  • back to districts to watch daniel
  • driving home




I was behind my friends mom. We were driving the speed limit. Not over, not under. I was a fair distance behind her. There was a good 1.5 cars length, if not more, between us. We were driving by Abundant Life. In case you don't know, they have extended parking across the street from the church. For safety reasons, they have crossing guards.

At night, the road is very poorly lit. All of a sudden. I see a man in the street in a bright orange vest with a flash light. My friends mom slams on her breaks to avoid hitting him. I do the same, but there was no way to stop in time.

I rear ended one of my best friends moms. HOW SUPER EMBARRASSING IS THAT? o well. could have been someone who would have been super pissed at me and started cussing me out.

Everything else seems a blur. I remember getting in Marta's van. and moving over to the parking lot. Someone also moved my car. We sat there, waiting for the police.



When the police got there, he asked all the basic information. I got my insurance card out.


it's the 25th.

My parents were on their way by this point. I called to tell them the bad news. "I renewed it, the card is at home" my mom tells me. relief rushed through me.

The rest of the story is boring. Well except the fact that, I almost got a ride to the hospital in a big yellow ambulance. BBBUUTTT no worries, I didn't.

I now have a ticket, court date, broken car, drivers ed class I have to attend, head neck and back pain, and an order from my doctor not to attend dance for at least a week.

A lot has been taken away from me lately. All these things I thought I needed to bring me joy. Things I thought, I couldn't be happy without. Things I depended on to keep me afloat.

Now I realize, all I ever need is God. So here goes, taking that leap of faith (for the billionth time) and putting all my trust in Him. Which is not an easy thing for me, or anyone I suppose.

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