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Friday, February 11, 2011


Monday, the day a lot of my friends are dreading, is almost here. I was dreading it. I mean it was depressing that I don't get to spend it with my boyfriend.

BUT then I thought, hey, I have been facing this day alone for years, why should it be any harder this year?

I have only ever had one other boyfriend actually on valentines day. And it was lame. His card sang to me. (I wasn't expecting it and I opened it up in the middle of class. It was embarrassing)

Besides, valentines chocolates are gross, so are the little candy hearts.


One time, My friend broke up with her boyfriend on Valentines Day....ouch.

My birthday is Valentines Day.

One time, courtwarming was on Valentines Day. I didn't have a date but I still went with the girls. They told all the guys to ask me to dance. Pity dances are not satisfying. Just saying. They are actually kind of humiliating and awkward. The guys obviously didn't want to.

yep. so I haven't really had great experiences with the day.
cept, last year cause this really great guy asked me to be his valentine. Well I did some major hinting that he should, but either way it happened. :)

we are valentines this year too :):):)

ki'mdonenow. bye.

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